Home Users

Experiencing issues with your home computer or laptop?

Ellington IT can:
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Carry out repairs
  • Remove troublesome viruses and spyware
  • Solve internet connectivity problems
  • Help you recover lost data or files

Got a new home computer or laptop?

EllingtonIT can:
  • Set up your new desktop or laptop
  • Set up profiles and install new software
  • Migrate files and data from your old computer to your new one

Want to make sure your computer or laptop is safe?

Ellington IT can:
  • Advise and set up antivirus software and other security features.
  • Set up backup systems to stop you losing your files.

Want to get more out of your current laptop or computer?

EllingtonIT can:
  • Help you with upgrades
  • make sure your computer is running smoothly
  • Service your computer
  • Offer training and advice on web browsing and email, programmes and applications.

Got a new wireless internet provider or moved house?

EllingtonIT can:
  • Set up your wireless internet to get you online quickly
  • Set up firewalls and parental controls so your family can surf safely
  • Extend your wireless range so you can use the web anywhere in your house

Ellington IT provide a home call-out service, or a FREE remote diagnostic check to deal with your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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